My name is Thomas and I am the developer of RsyncOSX. The development of RsyncOSX commenced in January 2016 as a personal project to learn Swift. And I am still learning, every day. The first version of RsyncOSX was released in March 2016 and there has been a lot of changes since then.

I do hold a degree in computing science, but I am not a professional developer. I am a senior employee (administration) at a university, grand dad to three and has commenced the planning of an early retirement. RsyncOSX is not a professional software. There is only one developer, me, and I am doing what I can to keep RsyncOSX as stable and userfriendly as possible. I am not a UI designer and some user might find the GUI of RsyncOSX complicated and less userfriendly.

The development of RsyncOSX will continue to be one of my prioritized hobbies. A long as there are users of it I will continue developing. If you like using RsyncOSX please consider giving me a star on the GitHub repository. Every single star is a motivation for me to continue developing and keep the apps updated for the latest version of macOS.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


There are three MacOS applications:

And a Apple Sandboxed version of RsyncOSX:

  • RsyncGUI an Apple Sandboxed version of RsyncOSX

All applications are compiled with support for macOS 10.15 - latest version of macOS.

Issues, missing features and enhancements

Please use the GitHub repository to report any issues or request for new features or enhancements.