RsyncOSX - a GUI for rsync

Some important information about development of RsyncOSX. There are two GUIs for rsync developed by me, RsyncUI and RsyncOSX. More info abot both apps on my GitHub Readme file. New development is and has been since beginning av 2023, only for RsyncUI - the SwiftUI based GUI. RsyncOSX is maintained and bugfixes only. If you are a new user I will recommend using RsyncUI. RsyncOSX is a pure Swift and Storyboard based macOS application utilizing the command line tool rsync for synchronizing files....

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RsyncOSX is signed and notarized. Please see info about the latest version of rsync in install. Minor non critical issue 7 May 2023 If you in the main view select a task and then to the logs view, RsyncOSX filter the logs for only the selected task. If you then return to main view, select a new profile, the index to the previous selected task in previous profile is not cleared....

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If you are new to the command line tool rsync and RsyncOSX please read this information. RsyncOSX is a GUI only on top of the command line tool. It is rsync which does actual work, not RsyncOSX. The –delete parameter and new tasks The --delete parameter is a default parameter set by RsyncOSX to rsync. The parameter instructs rsync too keep the source and destination in sync. The parameter instructs rsync to delete all files in the destination which are not present in the source....

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Latest version of rsync

+++ The default version 2.6.9 of rsync in macOS was released in nov 2006. And there has been several fixes and releases since then. The news about the current release of rsync is here. Due to new features in rsync and dependency to shared libraries it is not possible to bundle the latest version together with RsyncOSX. It is adviced to install rsync as part of Homebrew. In RsyncOSX select user configuration and set path for optional version of rsync....

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RsyncOSX is localized to: Chinese (Simplified) - by StringKe (Chen) German - by Andre Voigtmann Norwegian - by me English - the base language of RsyncOSX Italian - by Stefano Steve Cutelle’ Dutch - by Marcellino Santoso

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Logging in RsyncOSX might be switched on/off in user configuration. All log records are listed in table within Logs tab. The log records are by default sorted with most recent ontop. Log records can be filtered by date by search field. Any column can be sorted by selecting the appropriate column. The sort direction, ascending or descending, is selected by direction of the arrow. Log records can be selected for delete as well....

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RsyncOSX config files

RsyncOSX read and store configurations, log records and user settings as JSON files. The location of files is: $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber. RsyncOSX evaluates the computer mac serial number at startup. Configuration files $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber/configurations.json If profile is utilized: $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber/profile/configurations.json Log records $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber/schedules.json If profile is utilized: $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber/profile/schedules.json User settings The user settings are stored as: $HOME/.rsyncosx/macserialnumber/rsyncosxconfig.json The user settings applies to all profiles.

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Signing and notarization

RsyncOSX is signed with my Apple ID developer certificate and notarized by Apple. This means that the app is verified and checked for not containing malicious code and it will work with Apples Gatekeeper technology. From macOS 10.15 Catalina, notarizing is required for all software. The message is “Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.” You can also verify the signing by utilizing xcode developer tools. If you have Xcode developer tools installed, by executing the following command you can verify RsyncOSX:...

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User configuration

There are a few parameters to choose in user configuration. Parameters are saved to permanent store. Rsync v3.2.x rsync - set optional path if NOT by Homebrev - any version of rsync should work, but only version 2.6.9 and 3.2.x are tested and verified utilizing the snapshot feature require version 3.2.x of rsync optional path for rsync: if utilized version of rsync is not installed by Homebrew set path to rsync temporary path restore: preset temporary path for restoring single files and catalogs preset temporary path for a full restore If there is a not valid rsync path is set an error is presented....

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