The menu app is available for download together with RsyncOSX. The menu app is a scaled down and minimal app for executing scheduled tasks in RsyncOSX. It executes as a menu app and keeps track on next task to execute. The app is monitoring all schedules in all profiles. Scheduled tasks are added in RsyncOSX.

RsyncOSX does not execute scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks are only added and deleted within RsyncOSX. The menu app is a simple app with a few screens. Every time a task is completed a notification is submitted. The menu app executes tasks applying all user selected rsync parameters to the task.

Menu app keeps track of the first task
The menu app does not check if two or more tasks are set to be executed at the same time. Only one task is executed at a time. After each execution is completed a recalculation of the schedule is done. The menu app then keeps track of the next and first task to be executed.


The menu app should normally be started from RsyncOSX. If the menu app is installed in other catalog than /Applications, alternative catalogs has to be set in userconfiguration. If there are tasks waiting for executing there is a green statuslight.

Selecting the Home icon (house) quits the menu app and automatically opens RsyncOSX. The arrow icon executes the selected task now.

The menu app submits a notification when a scheduled tasks are completed. A scheduled task is either of type once, daily or weekly. If there are tasks waiting to be executed, the status light will be green. Both synchronizeand snapshot tasks can be executed as scheduled tasks.

Active tasks

Active scheduled tasks.


There is a minimal logging in the menu app. The menu app logs the major actions within the menu app.