RsyncOSX is released in version 6.5.8 (24 March 2021). It is not required to install the menu app ( The menu app is for executing scheduled tasks only. RsyncOSX is signed and notarized.

Install by Homebrew

RsyncOSX can be installed by homebrew - brew install --cask rsyncosx.

Install by download

Download the latest version form GitHub. The command shasum -a 256 ~/pathtodownload/RsyncOSX-version.dmg will print the shasum for the .dmg file. For your own safety verify the shasums.

RsyncOSX 6.5.8.dmg: 4f23be29b260a93e05a2b9abf2ac42419b918b455e664d12ed92663ee008ad4e
RsyncOSXsched 6.5.8.dmg: 14703772cb5d115b5b4c68dc37e7432211c73462641765eb9be9afc33ecfd2b1

To install RsyncOSX open the downloaded RsyncOSX-version.dmg file. Drag the RsyncOSX icon to the default /Applications catalog or any other preferred catalog for install. And likewise for the RsyncOSXsched-version.dmg. RsyncOSX is installed and used at your own risk. The developer accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or loss of data by using the application.

Latest version of rsync

See more info about the latest version of rsync and how to install it.

Passwordless logins

Utilizing RsyncOSX for synchronize files and backup to remote servers require to setup
passwordless logins to remote servers.